A Mobile Wrongful Death Lawyer Can Help You Move on after a Tragedy

Coping with the loss of a loved one can be a difficult and painful process. No matter the cause, loss is a tragic event, but never more so than in the case of a death cause by negligence or ignorance. In the case of a wrongful death, there are lawyers and services available to rectify and compensate the loved ones or family of the deceased.

A Mobile wrongful death lawyer in Alabama can specialize in any number of fields, such as medical malpractice, vehicular accidents and intentionally harmful acts such as assault and battery. If a death was the result of another party's actions, there should and will be compensation. Money in no way will put right the tragedy, but it will allow for peace of mind during the grieving process, as expenses and other obligations will not be weighing down the mind of those affected. 

Mobile Wrongful death lawyer services are available to spouses, children, next of kin and parents. To determine if there truly is cause for legal action, it must be provable that the deceased passed away directly as a result of the actions of a third party. At that point, damages can be claimed for everything, from loss of companionship to the loss of provided support. 

An exception to the wrongful death laws are directly related family members. This law states that wrongful death compensation cannot be sought by one relative or family member against another related family member. It is called the Family Immunity act. Intended to promote harmony among family members and stop friction in the event of family tragedies. In many cases, however, this law has prevented children from claiming insurance money.

Some states limit the amount that can be recovered for a wrongful death, and it is important to understand the specific laws of your state as you move forward with pursuing a wrongful death attorney. Employers and international airlines also have strict laws governing the amounts they are required to pay out due to negligence, and airlines in some cases may even be immune due to international law.

In the end, it is always difficult to sustain the loss of a family member or loved one, and while monetary compensation is not an answer that will wash away the grief or pain, it is something that can contribute to the healing process. A large number of wrongful death lawyer services are available with which to pursue compensation and move forward to a new phase in life after a tragedy.